Drinking water LaNature

Limestone deposits in Moldova are abundant in the town of Cricova. It was there, during geological exploration at a depth of 150 meters, that a unique source of natural drinking water was discovered. In 2012, a new modern plant for bottling LaNature natural water was built at this source.

- Well depth: 150 meters

- Ecologically clean zone

- Balanced composition of minerals and trace elements

- Meets all quality standards for drinking water

- Recommended for daily consumption for adults and children


Drinking water Origini.

Despite its simplicity, water can vary. The manufacturer closely monitors the taste and chemical properties of Origini. Balanced salt and mineral content, along with state-of-the-art production technologies, make Origini one of the highest quality waters in Moldova.

On its way into the Origini bottle, water undergoes 4 stages:

- Mechanical purification

- Softening

- Filtration

- Ultraviolet disinfection

Carbonated soft drinks RADUGA.